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If you are not living in a cave, which is in a cave itself, then you probably heard that AI is the new trending technology. It is affecting most of our today routines, and we all have been using its services. If you don’t believe you have been affected, just remember how YouTube proposed to you just the right videos so you could keep watching for 2 more hours instead of the 5 minutes intended. How Facebook suggested that you may know your neighbor. …

And how you could too

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

“You can only connect the dots backward, you can not do it forward.” Steve Jobs

I landed my first Data Science job without having a degree in Data Science, nor did an internship related to the subject. In retrospect, I was able to analyze what helped me. If you are trying to get your first Data Science job, this article may help you.

Of course, depending on your personal situation, background, and country you live in, these may be a bit different, but you could use some of the advice here.

So let’s connect the dots.

First thing first: Why?

This is probably the…

Let’s see how to quickly implement a model to classify documents.

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In one of my past interviews, I have been asked to implement a model to classify paper abstracts. The objective was not to have a perfect tuned model, but rather to see my ability to go through the entire process in a minimum amount of time. Here is what I did.

The Data

The data consisted of paper abstracts from the PubMed database. PubMed is a repository of all biomedical literature. NCBI, the agency managing PubMed provides an API to download the papers. A lot of libraries already exist to interact with the API, in several languages. …

Creating a licencing framework for your software using simple tools.

I once developed a software for my client. It was for his personal use at the beginning, but he realized that his colleagues were interested as well. We agreed to distribute it and decided to protect the software to avoid illegal copies.

Here is the background:

  1. The software will be embedded into a machine that is not connected to the Internet
  2. Each licence should be delivered to only one machine so there should be no way of using the same licence on another ones
  3. I should be the only one that can generate licences

Point 1 means that we can…

Younes Khadraoui

PhD | AI Expert | Machine Learning for real business use cases | I also write Sci-Fi scenarios

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